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What Do We Do?

Political Engagement

Saying "the children are our future"

isn't just to sing a popular Whitney Houston lyric,

it's to state an unequivocal fact that not enough people recognize.

We seek to connect Young Democrats from all across

Morris County with the people and institutions that make

the decisions that affect all of us on a daily basis.

Issue Advocacy

Every issue is a youth issue because every decision made today

will affect our generation the hardest and the longest.

We seek to bring these issues to the

forefront in as many ways as possible.

Training and Outreach

To put it plainly, not enough young people run for office.

Not enough young people realize the power

that comes with their youth, and how much positive change they can make simply by putting their hand up.

We seek to provide the necessary training for prospective candidates, volunteers, and anyone interesting in advancing the core mission of the Democratic Party.

Affiliated Organizations

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